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The congress language is English. Abstracts are always in English. It is possible to present a paper in one of the Nordic languages but it must be clearly announced in the program. Presentations in the Nordic languages will be placed at the end of the sessions.


The congress offers the following parallel session formats:

Multiple-Paper Sessions

Paper sessions consist of a presentation and a discussion of papers about an ongoing or completed research project. Time frame for each paper: 30 minutes including discussion. 3-4 different papers will be presented at each parallel session.

Multiple-Presenter Symposia

A symposium consists of papers focusing on a common theme to demonstrate a range of perspectives or a variety of approaches. A symposium is planned and proposed by a symposium organizer, a network convenor e.g. and has a chair (often the organizer) and a discussant who has read the different papers in advance.

Roundtable Discussions

A roundtable session is a forum for the presentation and discussion of developmental work and research plans. Roundtable sessions are intended for focused discussions in small groups of research in progress, practitioner experiences, educational improvement initiatives and issues in institutional effectiveness and improvement

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions offer a more informal opportunity to present a project visually rather than orally by means of one (or very few) posters. During poster sessions, participants peruse poster stations, a format maximizing interaction between participants and presenters.


Workshops are intended to be interactive sessions at which researchers, practitioners or policymakers present a theme.


Participants are invited to submit abstracts for one or more session formats. All abstracts must be in English. Each abstract may only be submitted for one particular session format. All abstracts will be registered electronically. Further information will be available on the Congress website: The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 November.


The NERA proposal shall contain a maximum of 350-500 words and shall be composed according to these themes:
  1. Title of paper
  2. Author(s) of proposal
  3. Research topic/aim
  4. Theoretical framework
  5. Methodology/research design
  6. Expected conclusions/findings
  7. Relevance for Nordic Educational research. Since the conference is a Nordic forum aimed at developing the scientific knowledge base of education, sharing leading edge perspectives on critical policy issues and practical information and creating a new space for educational research in the Nordic countries, it is important that papers in symposia and paper sessions reflect these intentions.

All presenters in symposia and paper sessions are expected to bring copies of papers.


NOTE: All information and submission form will be available on the Congress website:

Multiple-Paper Sessions

All abstracts for paper sessions must be submitted to the congress committee before the deadline declared by the congress committee and announced in second call for the conference but no later than November 15. Abstracts may be no longer than 350-500 words. Taking their point of departure in the subject of the abstract, the organizing committee allocates the abstracts within the framework of the networks.

Multiple-Presenter Symposia

The congress organizers decide how many symposia are feasible at the congress. The congress organizers also decide on the time and place of symposia. Each symposium has one organizer, who takes care of the planning of the symposium and coordination with the congress organizers. The organizer should solicit proposals and submit them together. The organizer is expected to chair the session and to facilitate discussion. The proposal should include the purpose of and rationale behind the session, a description of each presentation and a statement regarding audience involvement. The organizer makes an agreement with the organizing committee about the organization of the symposium. The organizing committee informs the organizer of the place and the time of the symposium. The organizer of the symposium prepares a detailed plan for the symposium including:
  1. The title of the symposium,
  2. The names of the contributors,
  3. The addresses of the contributors’ institutions,
  4. An abstract describing the entire symposium (350-500 words),
  5. Abstracts from the contributors (max. 200 words), and
  6. The plan for the presentations.
The plan must be submitted to the organizing committee.

Roundtable Discussions

The proposal summary should describe the focus and purpose of the session and ways in which participants will be engaged. Unless other nominations are made, the organizing committee will appoint a researcher to act as organizer and leader of the roundtable session.


The proposal should include the purpose and the rationale of the session, a description of the presentation and a statement regarding audience involvement.

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