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  1. Adult learning - at work, in education and everyday life
  2. Arts Culture and Education
  3. Early Childhood Research
  4. Classroom Research
  5. The Curriculum Research Network
  6. Educational Leadership Network
  7. Empirical Research on Value Issues in Education
  8. Gender and Education
  9. General Didactics
  10. Higher Education
  11. Historical Research
  12. Inclusive Education
  13. ICT & Education
  14. Multi Cultural Educational Research
  15. Literacy Research Network
  16. The Nordic Society for Philosophy of Education
  17. Physical Education, Sport and Leisure Studies
  18. Research on Teacher Education and Beginner Teachers
  19. School-Home Cooperation (NORNAPE)
  20. Teacher's work and life
  21. Youth research
  22. Politics of Education and Education Policy Studies
  23. Poststructuralist Pedagogical Research
  24. Social Pedagogy
  25. School Development

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